Co-Curricular Activities
Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities

Our students participate in a plethora of ‘Literary Activities’- debates, declamations, poem- composition, poem -recitation, slogan writing, spell bee, Quizzes and Seminars etc.  throughout the year. 
Our school calendar is jam-packed with various sports activities, events and inter house competitions. No wonder, our well- trained, highly skilled and extremely motivated and charged players outstand and outshine every other school in the region and our glorious achievements made in different sporting events in all these years make it much evident. 
A balance in the academic-subjects oriented time table is maintained by creating periodical  slots for  Literary, Science and hobby clubs like yoga, meditation, painting, acting, literary quiz, music and dance. 
Dramatics clubto train students in the fields of drama, dance and music, Painter’s Gallery for pencil and brush enthusiasts. These clubs would see the students writing scripts, working on costumes, composing dance- drama, staging plays and what not. The thrill that the students experience in making a variety of things is beyond description. The ‘Adventure Club’, to be introduced soon, will offer training in trekking, Para sailing, mountaineering, river rafting, jungle survival and boating etc.