Cultural Activities
Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities

1a) Baisakhi Celebration : 13.04.2017
A Special Assembly was conducted to celebrate Baisakhi, the first important festival of the session 2017-18. Children danced and enjoyed to the beat of “Dhol” and were told the importance of the festival.
2a) My Hand Impression (Infant - MII) : 15.04.2017
Toddlers from kindergarten section gave a lovely impression of their little hands dipped in different colors and enjoyed the activity.
b) Making Piggy Bank: (Classes I & II)15.04.2017Students of classes I & II were taught how to make a piggy bank. They performed this activity with great interest and were very happy to see their own creation.
c) Making puppets (Classes III & IV): 15.04.2017 Lovely puppets were made by the students of classes III & IV with the help of the teacher using socks, buttons, glitters, glaze paper etc. and narrated story with the help of the puppets they had made. This activity was fully enjoyed by them.
d) Making Stick figures (Classes V & VI): 15.04.2017 Making Stick figure activity was another event of creativity which gave a lot of joy to the students as their hand and eye coordination worked almost to the level of perfection.
e) Silhouette Painting (Classes VII & VIII): 15.04.2017 A unique style of painting where the main portion is black in color with a light and aesthetically colored background was conducted for the students of classes VII and VIII.
3a) Earth Day Celebration: 22.04.2017
A special assembly was conducted to celebrate Earth Day. A Play was conducted to show how pollution, cutting of trees, global warming is affecting our mother Earth & ways to save it.
b) Adorable Display with Ice-cream Sticks: ( Infant – MII)22.04.2017The tiny tots made different objects such as a school bus, fish etc. with sticks with the help of their teachers. They really enjoyed and had lots of fun while performing this activity.
c) Tom Thumb Ready to Print: Making Scenery (Classes I & II) 22.04.2017 Thumb painting is an interesting way to paint things and give them a personal touch. As the name suggests, you paint with your thumb impressions. The students had a gala time in executing this fun filled activity.
Best out of Waste: Making A Pen Holder (Classes III & IV):22.04.2017 It is always wise to use and reuse the things judiciously. Keeping this in mind, the students of classes III & IV were told to bring all the discarded things from home which can be reused to make useful article.
Being Eco –friendly: Making A Trendy paper bag (Classes V & VI) 22.04.2017 The students of V & VI enjoyed making different paper bags using self-pattern handmade sheets. They showed creativity towards the activity and lend a helping hand in making the environment eco- friendly.
Save Earth – Save Life : Poster making Competition (Classes VII & VIII) 22.04.2017 To show their concern towards the mother Earth, the students of Classes VII & VIII were engaged in making posters on Save Earth- Save Life. Their sensitivity towards their mother earth in form of posters was really appreciable.
4a) Labour Day 1.05.2017
To honour the essential service staff, labour day was observed where students gave beautiful Handmade Cards and flowers to our maids, peons, bus drivers & conductors as a gratitude for help & support.
5a) Clay Art (Infant - MII) 6.05.2017
Students made beautiful objects like cups, plates, fruits, vegetables and fish with their creative hands using colored clays. Their cute faces were filled with joy seeing their own colorful creations.
b) Making Special Takeaways : Saying ‘ Love you MOM’(Classes I & II) 6.05.2017Heart felt wishes were dedicated to mothers by the students of Classes I & II to signify the importance of mother & her selfless love .
c) Card Making : Saying ‘Love You MOM’(Classes III to VI): 6.05.2017 Different textures were carved on the papers by the students to exhibit their talent of creating beautiful and out of this world Cards for their MOMS. These beautiful cards were a token of gratitude to their mothers for the valuable & unconditional love and care.
d) Making A Photo Frame (Classes VII & VIII)6.05.2017 The students of Grades VII & VIII were not far behind in expressing their love towards their magical mothers. They were infused with great energy to make different photo frames using cardboard, thermocol and using different decorative materials. They pasted their mom’s pic & showed their love and care for her.
6Mother’s Day Celebration 12.05.2017
A Special Assembly was conducted to celebrate Mother’s Day. A unique competition was held in school where moms of our junior wing participated in various fun games specially planned for them. They really had a gala time dancing and enjoying with their kids.
7Mango Day (Infant - MII) 31.05.2017
It was a sweet juicy morning for the tiny tots of the preprimary wing as they celebrated Mango Day (The King Of Fruits) by dressing up in yellow attire and yellow food was brought by the toddlers and eaten together by sharing with each other. The students were made aware of different varieties of mangoes available by their teachers.
8World Environment Day 03.06.2017
A special Assembly was conducted in the school to celebrate the World Environment Day . A speech was delivered in the assembly based on emerging environmental issues and action for the protection of our environment. Judicious use of resources for a better tomorrow was the theme for this special occasion.
9a) Origami (Infant - MII) 15.07.2017
The art of folding paper—Origami . The little and innocent hearts of toddlers were filled with self-esteem, courage & a feeling of achievement when they were able to create different objects like dog, doll, owl, boat etc. out of nothing but plain paper with the help of teachers. This activity enhanced their behavioural skills, cooperative learning and understanding the concept of sequencing.
b) VIBGYOR : Making A Rainbow (Classes I & II)15.07.2017The students showed their creativity and love for nature by making beautiful rainbow using different means of coloring such as crayons, water colors, sketch pens etc.
c)Mood Swings: Facial Expressions (Classes III & IV): 15.07.2017 Facial expressions are one’s reflection of likes & dislikes. The students were very delighted to pen down different facial expressions on a sheet and related themselves with mood swings.
d) Weave Your Story (Eng.) (Classes V & VI) 15.07.2017 The students were engaged in developing their imagination, creative & oratory skills by the one of its kind competition where they were given the beginning of the stories to narrate and end with a moral.
e) Stone Art (Classes VII & VIII) 15.07.2017 The students of VII & VIII decorated different types of stones using beads, thread, mirrors etc.
10a) Rhyme Time ( Hindi) (Infant - MII) 22.07.2017
The little stars of kindergarten were encouraged and improvised to recite the Hindi Rhymes in their unique way. Their enthusiasm, expressions and confidence stole everyone’s heart.
b) Show ‘N’ Tell(Classes I & II)22.07.2017The students were shown objects like bottle, books etc. and they were asked to describe those objects in their own way.
c) Spell Power (Classes III & IV): 22.07.2017The power & strength of students’ spellings was conducted to make them error free while writing and to improve their vocabulary.
d) Culinary skills: Making Sandwich (Classes V & VI) 22.07.2017The students of Classes V & VI tried their hands in developing their culinary skills by preparing different types of mouthwatering and nutritious sandwiches like tricolor, cheese , corn etc.
e) Quiz time (Classes VII & VIII) 22.07.2017A General Quiz was conducted to test the students’ general awareness. A tough competition was given by the different teams to grab the first position. Such competitions enhance the knowledge and learning skills of the students.
11a) Tearing & Pasting (Infant - MII) 5.08.2017
An art of tearing the paper and then pasting them to make creative patterns& design was exhibited beautifully by the tiny tots with the help of their teachers. Cutting and pasting activities help a child develop fine motor skills & also gives him a creative outlet to express himself.
b) Tell a Tale ( Hindi) (Classes I & II)5.08.2017To boost up the confidence of students, they were given the topic to express their views.
c) Spin A –Yarn (Eng) (Classes III & IV): 5.08.2017To enhance the level of expressing themselves , the students were asked to weave a story With a clue given by the teachers.
d)Spell Power (Classes V & VI) 5.08.2017The power & strength of students’ spellings was conducted to make them error free while writing and to improve their vocabulary.
e) Knife Painting (Classes VII & VIII) 5.08.2017The students put different colour’s with the help of a blunt plastic knife to give 3D effects to the beautiful sceneries.
12Janamasthami Celebration& Independence Day Celebration 15.08.2017
A special assembly was conducted to celebrate the birth of lord krishna and independence day. The students presented a dance and a song was sung by school choir. To mark the celebrations of freedom, a special assembly was conducted where the Chief Guest hoisted the National Flag . The students sang patriotic songs and presented a dance to pay tribute to our freedom fighters.
13a) a) Fun with Sponge (Infant - MII) 19.08.2017
Sponge designs were presented by the students .They created mind blowing designs and showcased their imaginations.
b) Decorating Krishna’s Crown (Classes I & II)19.08.2017Culture is a strong binding force in societies and every individual is rooted in a culture that influences his/her life style and attitude towards life. At MMIS, we train students’ right from childhood to experience various cultures through the celebration of all religious festivals and develop tolerance, understanding, and respect for a harmonious social living. The students enjoyed the activity of decorating the crown by using beads, laces etc. They were elated to make the crowns as Lord Krishna is the favourite among kids.
c) Cooking without Fire (Classes III & IV): 19.08.2017The students prepared different food items without fire. They also took care of the nutritional value of the food items and thoroughly enjoyed the treat.
14Teacher’s Day 5.09.2017
The students presented a special assembly for their teachers to celebrate Teacher’s Day and celebrated the birthday of Dr. Sarvapall iRadha Krishnan. The school choir sang a song for the teachers and also showed their love & gratitude towards their teachers.
15Founder’s Day 11.09.2017
Founder’s Day was celebrated on the occasion of the birthday of our honourable Chairman Mr. Tarsem Garg. The students presented him beautiful handmade cards and sang a song which made everyone applaud them for their efforts.
16a) Be Ramp Ready: Walk with Pride (Infant - MII) 7.10.2017
Scholastic and co scholastic activities have an equal importance in school programme for the all-round development of the child. The tiny tots of kindergarten dressed up in their colorful costumes on the theme ‘Walk with Pride and spoke a few sentences on the character that they depicted. The effort and hard work of children was highly commendable. The competition proved to be great learning experience for the students and gave them a platform to explore their hidden talents.
c) Making A Lantern (Classes III & IV):7.10.2017A  lantern is the symbol of booming life and prosperous business, so they are always hung on important festivals. The Students made beautiful lanterns for home Décor using beads, mirrors ribbons etc & they were really elated to see their magnificent works.
d) Making Diyas with Clay (Classes V & VI) 7.10.2017Festivals bring joy, love and verve in the surroundings. The students were filled with joy when they made beautiful diyas using clay of different colours for home Décor.
17a) Rhyme time (Eng.) (Infant - MII) 18.11.2017
Competitions also encourage students to adopt innovative techniques and develop their ideas and skills. The students were encouraged and improvised to recite the English Rhymes in their unique way.
b) Making A Tiara (Classes III & IV):18.11.2017The students made beautiful tiaras with beads, flowers, ribbons and they showed their creativity.
c) Hindi Declamation (Classes V & VI) 18.11.2017The students of classes V & VI enthusiastically participated in the competition and exhibited their hidden potential. The declamation witnessed a fierce competition with dexterous articulation among participants.
d) Making Jewelry with beads (Classes VII & VIII)18.11.2017 The students adorned themselves by making different jewellery using beads like necklace, earrings, bracelets etc. Their imagination, aesthetic sense, color combination and fine work stunned everyone.
18Children’s Day 11.09.2017
It was a fun-filled day for students MMIS. A special assembly was organized by the teachers to make Children’s Day special for them. It started with prayer, dance and tributes to Chacha Nehru. Various activities and events were organized and performed by teachers. The day had the theme of love & students went back happily with gifts and cards.
19a) Show ‘N’ Tell (Infant- MII) 22.07.2017
The students were shown objects like bottle, books etc. and they were asked to describe those objects in their own way.
b) Making A Greeting Card (Classes I to IV)16.12.2017Different textures were carved on the papers by the students as they exhibited their talent by making vibrant & colorful greeting cards.
c) Adorn Yourself: Making Jewelry with Quills (Classes V & VI) 16.12.2017The students adorned themselves by making different jewelry with quills. Their imagination, aesthetic sense, color combination and fine work stunned everyone.
d) English Debate (Classes VII & VIII) 16.12.2017An Inter house English Debate was organized for the students for the Classes VII & VIII to help in developing essential skill of public speaking and writing skills and also go a long way to boost confidence of children to face audience comfortably. Moreover, such events will go a long way in fostering a healthy competitive spirit.
20a) Making X-mas Bells(Infant- MII) 23.12.2017
The students participated zealously in Christmas bell making activity. They used glitter sheets, Disposable glasses etc. to make the beautiful bells.
b) Making a Snow Man (Classes I & II)23.12.2017Unique and creative Santas were made by Lilliputs of MMIS where they used cotton and red papers to make attractive santas.
c) X- Mas Tree Making(3D) (Classes III & IV): 23.12.2017The enthusiastic students made and decorated Christmas tree with different decorative materials and exhibited the same in their classes.
d) EMaking Wind Chimes (Classes V & VI) 23.12.2017The wind chime is an exotic and beautiful instrument which has a gentle wavy movement and produces the most pleasant and calming sounds.  The students of Classes V & VI were occupied with great thoughts and imagination when they made beautiful chimes with different articles. It was really eye soothing & heart elating for everyone who saw them.
e) Doodle Art (Classes VII & VIII) 23.12.2017Drawing with pencil, pen, or brush on paper isn’t just for artists. For anyone who actively exercises the brain, doodling and drawing are ideal for making ideas tangible. The amazing students of Classes VII & VIII added galore to Christmas celebrations by making beautiful & exotic doodle art to really stun everyone.
21Christmas Celebration25.12.2017
Soaking in the spirit of Christmas, the students of MMIS celebrated the occasion with great fervor. The entire campus was festooned with colourful streamers and balloons and a brightly decorated Christmas tree. Overriding every other emotion, a wave of cheer enveloped the school. Depicting the true essence of love, joy and peace, sang carols and welcomed Santa in the special assembly.
Making Flag : (Infant- MII)20.01.2018The spirit of Patriotism & Nationalism engulfed the entire school in the month of January as our country celebrates its Republic Day on 26 th in this month. The students of Classes Infant To MII enjoyed in making flags using tricolours .
b) Making A Kite: (Classes I & II) 20.01.2018The students of Infant to MII made beautiful kites using tricolours with their own imaginations. Their little contribution towards the national festival was quite appreciating.
c) Just A Minute (JAM) (Eng): (Classes III & IV)20.01.2018 To make students aware,alert and update , just a minute activity was conducted and the students of Classes III & IV were given a minute to speak on a topic given to them on the spot.
d) Hindi Debate (Classes VII & VIII) 20.01.2018An Inter house Hindi debate Competition was organized for the students of Classes VII & VIII where the participants of the four Houses spoke candidly for and against the given topics. They came up with their perspective regarding the same. They cited reasons and supported them with suitable examples from real life, to justify their stand. It was an enriching and learning experience for the young debaters and the audience to listen to the arguments put forth by all the participants. The debates were engrossing and the audience thoroughly enjoyed the event.
23Republic Day:20.01.2018
The students presented a special assembly to celebrate Republic Day and the School choir sang patriotic songs . A skit depicting the importance of our constitution & fundamental Rights and duties attached with it were discussed.
24a) Making A Kite: (Infant- MII)3.02.2018
The students of Infant to MII made beautiful kites using tricolours with their own imaginations. Their little contribution towards the national festival was quite appreciating.
b) Rhyme Time English: (Classes I & II)3.02.2018Interesting and amazing English Rhymes were recited by the students of Classes I & II where they showed their fluency, confidence and energy to come up to the expectations of everyone.
b) Making A Kite: (Classes I & II) 3.02.2018The students of Infant to MII made beautiful kites using tricolours with their own imaginations. Their little contribution towards the national festival was quite appreciating.
c) Just A Minute (JAM) (Hindi): (Classes III & IV): 3.02.2018To make the students aware, alert and update, just a minute activity was conducted and the students were given a minute to speak on a topic given to them on the spot. Their confidence & expressions really amazed everyone.
d) Naughty Toons: Creating Cartoon Characters: (Classes V & VI)3.02.2018 The students enjoyed making favorite cartoon characters like Doraemon, Chota Bheem , Motu Patlu etc. They were really delighted to be a part of this activity as they got an opportunity to put their own imaginations and creativity in their unique style.
e) English Declamation: (Classes VII & VIII) 3.02.2018An Inter House English Declamation was organized for Classes VII & VIII to enhance the analytic and critical thinking and to enhance their confidence. The students gave their best and the judges had a tough time in deciding the winners.
25a) Making A “Thank You “Card: (Infant- MII)17.02.2018
Different textures were carved on the papers by the students to exhibit their talent of creating Art. These beautiful cards were a mean to express their love, care & concern towards their teachers, parents, etc
b) Fun Bytes: Biscuit Dressing (Classes I & II)17.02.2018A Unique Competition was held in the school where our juniors participated in Biscuit Dressing. They dressed and served sumptuous biscuits in a very artistic way.
c) Making A clock (3D) : (Classes VII & VIII) 17.02.2018The students of Classes VII & VIII were made to realize the importance of being punctual by making different clocks of different sizes with their imaginations and gave message to be punctual in life.