Dramatization of  Villa For Sale

Dramatization of Villa For Sale

 ‘All the world is a stage and all the men and women merely players’- William Shakespeare.

The aim of Teaching English as a primary language is to empower the studentsto claim their place in a world that opens upon the skilled, opportunities at galore. The Learning of this global language becomes easy if supported with interesting language activities. And when it comes to Drama, there is no better way of teaching it than through dramatization.

The humorous play, ‘Villa for Sale’ by Sacha Guitry looked so interesting when the students of class IX performed different scenes of it in the classroom. Be it acting, dialogue delivery, usage of props or adding dramatic element, there was not even one group or child who didn’t excel in one or the other aspect of dramatization.


We, at MMIS wonder  how many of them would like to make it to theatres tomorrow!