Group Discussion: Medicinal Herbs Vs  Synthetic Drugs

Group Discussion: Medicinal Herbs Vs Synthetic Drugs

 Aug 2, 2017

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food - Hippocrates

The students of grades IX and X of MMIS, Mullana participated in a group discussion on the topic “Medicinal Herbs are better than the Synthetic Drugs”.With 22 participants, this activity brought to the fore the knowledge and debating skills of our students.

A few participants found the Herbal medicines to be much better while the others believed that they are less potent than the synthetic drugs. Miss Ravneet of grade X maintained till the end that synthetic drugs are unsafe to use and hence, pose a threat to the body, however, she faced a strong opposition from Master Ajayaaditya who believed that synthetic drugs are based on a scientific approach and give relief from pain instantly. 

In an hour long open discussion, the participants covered almost all the aspects of both types of medicines under discussion. The discussion concluded on a note that whether human-made or natural, the most important criteria for a medicine’s use is safety, effectiveness and quality.

Let’s create a healthy society in a green way.