Health Medical | MMIS (MM International School) Mullana, Ambala, Haryana
Health & Medical

Health & Medical

Sound health and study are complimentary to each other. This is the motto of our school where our students get best in academics and for fitness of health we have regular medical checkups. 

Infirmary/ Sick Bay: The school infirmary provides instant first aid to each and every child who complains of an ailment or suffers an injury in the school. It is a mini-hospital in itself in a way that it has 10 beds for the sick, all the medical facilities and an experienced medical staff available round the clock. Emergency services are available for the students 24x7, including all odd hours.  
Periodical Check-ups: Every month students go for their medical check-up in M.M. Medical Institute situated in the University campus only, where all medical tests are done.  Besides medical checkups, the students’ dental checkup is also done on a regular basis and their medical report is submitted to the parents on P.T.M. Days. 
Visits and Talks by Experts: A team of experienced doctors and interns make occasional visits to the school to give ‘talks’ and lectures on personal hygiene, dental hygiene, healthy dietary habits and precautions and preventive measures against various infections.