Hostel Facilities | MMIS (MM International School) Mullana, Ambala, Haryana
Hostel Facilities

Hostel Facilities

Residential life at MMIS is a positive and an effective force in constructively channelising and focusing student’s energies and broadening their horizons. 

Every child finds his “Home” the best place in the world. It bears the chaos of a living place which is made alive by the characters within. It provides to its residents refuge, a place for healing, relaxation, laughter and togetherness. With this meaning of a home, the role is well assumed and performed by the boarding house of MMIS. It is a matter of pride that MMIS has International students from Thailand, Bangladesh, USA & Italy. Hygienic and harmonious environment is created so that they find the Hostel ‘A Home Away From Home’.

Dormitory: The Residential blocks at MMIS are divided into well designed dormitories and each dormitory is taken care of by house father or house mother whose relentless efforts ensure that the students’ stay at the school remains the most beautiful experience of his life and all his needs are fulfilled instantly and efficiently. 

Students are helped by their dorm parents to adjust with fellow students and new atmosphere affectionately and gradually. Also, they are trained in the orderly arrangement of their personal belongings in the dormitories, and the maintenance of proper hygiene and cleanliness.  Well maintained and clean sanitary blocks with round the clock water supply further ensure their comfortable stay in the hostel.

Recreation & Rejuvenation: 

Each block has a separate entertainment- cum- leisure room which provides facilities for board games like table tennis, chess, carom etc. A separate living room consisting of a television has also been set up for the recreation of the students. Also, there is a small inbuilt library in the hall itself for the students who are fond of reading. 

Carefully designed recreation schedule ensures the  students’ participation  in structured activities that teach them new skills, develop balance in their social interactions, increase their self-esteem  and help them develop culturally and emotionally. The students unwind with movie shows during weekends that are carefully selected by the hostel warden.