Kindergarton  Kids  Learning  the Concept of Classification

Kindergarton Kids Learning the Concept of Classification

 Aug 26, 2016

The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non obvious. 

Children have a natural desire to make sense of their world, to create order in a world that otherwise seems out of their control.

Today our kindergarten kids learnt the concept of ‘Segregation of Similar and Dissimilar Objects’ through an interesting activity with colourful blocks and pictures. The tiny tots of grade ‘Infant’ segregated the blocks of different geometrical shapes while the students of  MI enjoyed making pyramids of geometrical shapes and arranging the blocks according to their shape and size. The students of MII segregated the cut-outs of animals into different  groups-  Wild Animals, Water Animals and Birds.

 Though for children, it was just a fun activity but segregating or sorting is an early math’s skill which on one hand, develops the students’  logical thinking skills and on the other hand, paves way for learning numerical concepts and grouping numbers in the higher grades.