MMIS  Marathon- Revision with a New Vision

MMIS Marathon- Revision with a New Vision

 February 2, 2017

Who could have imagined that marathons could be run in the classrooms! However, MMIS Mullanamade it possible, not in the sense of a race, of course, but in the sense of a marathon endeavor  to grasp the concepts of  academic subjects.

The marathon classes were organized on the special request of teachersand  students as they felt that no justice could be done to the difficult concepts of the subjectsin aregular lecture that is  limited to  45 min. The subject teachers of all the main subjects  took5 hour long classes, of course with enough breaks for refreshment and relaxation, to cover all the important topics  in one go.

The effort with an aim to strengthen the conceptual understanding of the students was appreciated by the students as well as their parents.