MMITanians Artistic Endeavors

MMITanians Artistic Endeavors

  Dec 3, 2016                             

 Art plays an important role in shaping minds of the youngsters and encourages in them creativity and alternative  ways of presenting ideas.

 In the weekly co-curricular activities, the tiny tots of grades Infant to M II recited poems (Hindi) in the activity, ‘Rhyme Time’ while the creative enthusiasts of grades I & II made beautiful photo frames using CDs and ice cream sticks.


The students of  grades III- V showed their imagination and innovation in making 3-D caterpillars using paper, balls and egg trays in the activity, ‘Creating Crawling Caterpillar’ and the  budding  artists of  grades VI-VIII  decorated tiles with clay and colors in the activity, ‘Deco Patch- Paint Your Imagination’.

What a creative, fun-filled and enriching session the students had!