Scrap Book Making

Scrap Book Making

 July 17, 2017

No one cribs, no one curbs; Everyone believes in the Healing Touch of  Medicinal Herbs.

Plants with their medicinal uses are the natural healers in this ailing world. The world needs no medicines but an awareness of these healing herbs occurring in nature in abundance. #MMIS, Mullana shouldered the responsibility to spread awareness of the medicinal plants  through their #ISA Project, ‘ Natural Herbs: Let’s Heal the World’.

Presenting the information on the medicinal plants of  the 4 countries under study - India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and China-the students of grade V made beautiful scrapbooks today.  Making use of cut outs, speech bubbles, clippings and pictures of the  herbal plants like basil, mint, aloevera, clove, cinnamon etc. with their medicinal uses,they designed creative and  informative albums on medicinal herbs of  the four countries.

# Let’s Heal the World with Healing Herbs.