Summer Timings: 8:20 a.m.- 2:30 p.m
Winter Timings: 8:50 a.m.- 2:45 p.m.

Yes, the school has a fully furnished hostel . The Residential blocks are divided into  well -designed dormitories and each dormitory is taken care of by a house father or a house mother whose relentless  efforts  ensure that the students’  stay at the school remains the most beautiful experience of his life and all his essential needs are fulfilled instantly and efficiently.

Further, the students are helped by their dorm parents to adjust with their fellow students and new atmosphere affectionately and gradually

Yes. An appointment taken prior to the visit will save your precious time without disturbing the general working of the school.

Yes, our teaching faculty, about 100 in number is highly qualified and well trained in their fields of specialisation.

The teacher student ratio in Kindergarten and Primary Classes is 1:25.

Our school Prospectus is launched in December every year. An early registration will help you grab an early opportunity.

Age Criterion: 3 years complete as on 31st March 2023 ( child born between April 1,2020 and March 2023)

Yes, you may open the link ‘Online Registration’ on our School Website and register.

Yes, the school has its own fleet of air conditioned buses. GPS and cameras installed.

Yes, the school has its own fleet of ac buses with GPS track system.The transport system of the school is safe and secure and is under constant surveillance through GPS tracking system.

Yes, the washrooms made for children are attended by female attendants who remain present throughout the school timings. The school doesn’t have any male attendant.

Yes,we have separate washrooms for our staff and children. In fact, we have seperate washrooms for teaching and non-teaching staff. They are not allowed to use the children’s washrooms.

The school has an active Complaint Redressal Committee to keep vigilance on all types of indiscipline and other sensitive issues relating to safety and security of the students. This committee consists of senior teachers, responsible students from the senior wing and the Principal of the school.

No, the drivers or conductors are not allowed to enter or stay in the academic buildings during the school timings. As soon as the bus is vacated, it is taken outside the school premises and is parked.

School organizes various sessions on regular intervals to train its student on good touch and bad touch which are addressed by the School Counselor, General Physician and teachers and on some occasions by the Principal or Vice-principal.

Ahead of a competition, if the sports teacher feels the need of a special coaching, the students may be called, but with the prior permission of the principal/vice-principal and consent of the parents in an open visible area.

Use of mobile phones or any other electronic devices is strictly prohibited inside the school premises. 

The CCTV Networks cover the entire school premises and record all the activities happening in the school. The activities recorded are monitored by the Chief Administrator Officer.

MMIS has a spacious Infirmary where a General Physician and nurse are available during the school hours. It is well equipped to tackle any emergency situation. In case of any emergency, the child is taken to  M.M. Hospital situated in the M.M.University campus only. Medical check-up of the students by the Medical staff and interns from M.M. Hospital is a regular feature of the school health campaign. Apart from this, the school has also made arrangement of first aid box on every floor in the co-coordinators room.


The police verification of drivers, conductors and attendants has been done and is part of school records. The details of the entire staff including teaching and non-teaching for police verification were sent after CBSE’s instructions. The same is expected to be received very soon; we are in constant touch with the police authorities.