Socially Active

“If you find yourself feeling unhappy, try making someone else happy and see the miracles around you.”

The School has recently taken an initiative to create opportunities for its students to become more actively engaged in service-related activities and programmes within the school, the community and the world. This program works towards inculcating among students a sense of belongingness and responsibility towards society, sensitize them towards the issues of global concern and thereby working in the larger interest of the society.  By taking action, students learn how their contribution can truly ‘make a difference’. 

The programme aims at enriching the classroom environment for its students and fostering learning through experiences beyond the classrooms. Through collaborative classroom projects such as ‘Each One, Teach One’,  ’Clean Your Surroundings’, and  ’Donate Your Time’ , students become aware of these issues,  develop a positive attitude towards life  and  learn to lead.