Health & Well Being

Sound health and study are complementary to each other and MMIS emerges strong in taking responsibility of the health concerns of its students and playing a vital role in ensuring their balanced physical and mental growth.  

Infirmary/ Sick Bay

The school infirmary provides instant first aid to each and every child who complains of an ailment or suffers an injury in the school. It’s a mini-hospital in itself in a way that it has 10 beds for the sick, all the medical facilities to cater to emergency cases  and  a trained and  experienced medical staff available round the clock.

Periodical Check-ups and Health Campaigns

Every month, students go for their medical check-up in M.M. Medical Institute situated in the university campus only, where all medical tests are done. Besides medical checkup, the students’ dental checkup is also done on a regular basis. The detailed medical report of this health  inspection along with diagnostic statement of a disease, if any of the students  is submitted to the parents on  forthcoming P.T.M. Days.