Chairman’s Message

“He who opens a school door, brightens up the future of the entire city.” This is one of the most favourite quotes I often share with people when they ask why I am so passionate about schools and education. MMIS, Mullana is one such project that was conceived to create those traditions which are the hallmarks of all good schools; a respect for the integrity and individuality of each student, a faculty and curriculum which inspires love for learning, for its own sake, and an ethos which promotes personal responsibility.

The overwhelming success achieved by MMIS, Mullana vouches for the fact that passion and precision always yield best results.

Our school is known for being the best in all fields; we have a world-class and compassionate faculty to start with. MMIS is totally committed to sports and nurtures the latent talents of the students. The school gives individualized attention providing ample encouraging occasions so that the students cultivate spontaneity and creativity and an absolutely cosmopolitan attitude.

I wholeheartedly welcome all those students who wish to create a bright life for themselves into the MMIS fold. Let us invest our collective passion for education and work to build a progressive and humanitarian society.

Tarsem Garg
Founder & Chairman
M.M. International School, Mullana