School Academia Industry Interface

In today’s dynamic and highly competitive world where specialization is gaining importance every day, students often find themselves confused as to what they really want to do and where their basic areas of interest lie.

Owing to a lot of physical and emotional changes that the students undergo during the time when they have to decide on their careers, a wrong choice on their part often leads them to a frustrated and unsuccessful life.

Another glaring problem here is the gap that exists between our national curriculum and industry needs. Our School Academia Industry Interphase Programme is meant to bridge this very gap in a 3 phase circle.


The school on a regular basis invites experts and professionals from various fields of specialization to deliver  lectures, talks and conduct workshops for students from grade IX onwards. The opportunity gives students a deep insight into their fields of interest and a clear understanding of what is required for them to reach where they want to be.

Career Counselling Sessions

The school organises at least one career counseling programme a year for the students as well as their parents. On the principles of self-analysis, self-development, and career exploration in the right direction, Career guidance is provided to students to support choices in various fields which enable them to take appropriate decisions relating to their future. Specific information and guidance is provided to parents too.

Industry Visits

Educational Industry visits contribute a lot towards helping students make right career choices by giving them an exposure of the industry in a real set up. Visits to Tech Fair, Trade Fair, Dental Hospital, Medical Hospital, Hospitality industry are also an integral part of our school curriculum.