Our Team

MMIS is now considered one of the best schools of the region where parents feel that their child is in safe hands. All this has been possible because of a dedicated team of compassionate, experienced and highly learned teachers. Teachers at MMIS invest their passion not only in the classrooms but work constantly for the intellectual stimulation, recreation, discipline, learning capacities and influence the sports, grooming, health and hygiene of our students. All our teachers are well-qualified and professionally expert in their fields. Their interactive and creative skills put them in the league of the best.

There are also many activities organized at MMIS and that’s why we have a huge team of teachers, mentors and coaches in all fields. MMIS also has social groups and activity clubs for which different teachers are made in charge and they include senior students as well in these clubs and groups to lead the rest of the students.

M.M. International School, Mullana

Staff List, Session 2021-22

Sr. No.Teachers NameStaff IDDesignation
1Ms.Sunita Dosaj240042Principal
2Ms.Anju Dhiman240278NTT
3Ms.Harjeet Kaur240044NTT
4Ms.Monika Rana240213NTT
5Ms.Priyanka Chauhan240238NTT
6Ms.Punita Katyal240049NTT
7Ms.Rajvinder Kaur240061NTT
8Ms.Shalini Nagpal240194NTT
9Ms.Upasana Dhuper240128NTT
10Ms.Amarpreet Kaur240230PRT
11Ms.Amita Verma240022PRT
12Ms.Anita Sharma240035PRT
13Ms.Anju Kaushal240031PRT
15Ms.Deepika Walia240193PRT
17Ms.Gomti Devi240262PRT
18Ms.Harvinder Kaur240110PRT
19Mr.Mahesh Kalra240195PRT
20Ms.Meenu Rani240219PRT
21Ms.Monika Sharma1240148PRT
22Ms.Navdeep Kaur240281PRT
23Ms.Neelam Kharbanda240045PRT
24Ms.Payal Maini240197PRT
25Ms.Pooja Bhandari240310PRT
26Ms.Priyanka Budhiraja240003PRT
27Ms.Rashmi Bhardwaj240283PRT
29Ms.Reena Kaushik240119PRT
30Ms.Ritu Adlakha240015PRT
31Ms.Ruchika Bathla240273PRT
32Ms.Shilpa Anand240287PRT
33Ms.Shivani Goyal240181PRT
34Ms.Sumedha Vashisht240250PRT
35Ms.Vibha Sharma240225PRT
36Ms.Anupam Sharma240265TGT
37Ms.Archana Sharma240092TGT
40Ms.Chandrika Sagar240131TGT
41Ms.Deepa Singh240222TGT
42Mr.Deepak Massey240099TGT
43Ms.Hema Gupta240331TGT
44Ms.Himanshi Bajaj240196TGT
46Ms.Jasvinder Kaur240305TGT
47Ms.Jatinder Kaur240053TGT
50Ms.Mamta Sharma240263TGT
51Ms.Maninder Kaur240270TGT
52Mr.Manoj Kumar240275TGT
53Ms.Meena Kumari240055TGT
54Ms.Monika Sharma 2240266TGT
55Ms.Neesha Devi240167TGT
56Ms.Neha Sharma240239TGT
57Ms.Nisha Ahuja240014TGT
59Dr.Parvinder Kaur240279TGT
60Ms.Poonam Sharma240039TGT
61Ms.Punita Verma240312TGT
62Ms.Ritu Gogia240027TGT
63Ms.Sarita Sharma240041TGT
64Ms.Seema Sharma240249TGT
65Mr.Semial Sharma240237TGT
66Ms.Tejinder Kaur240016TGT
68Mr.Amit Bhandari240062PGT
69Mr.Arvind Singh240063PGT
70Mr.Charanpal Singh240244PGT
71Mr.Gulshan Kumar240076PGT
72Ms.Himanshi Taneja240228PGT
73Ms.Inderjit Kaur240304PGT
74Mr.Manish Sharma240235PGT
75Mr.Naveen Bandhula240326PGT
76Ms.Samta Taneja240038PGT
77Ms.Shallu Tiwari240109PGT
78Ms.Sheetal Kharbanda240309PGT
79Ms.Sheetal Sood240242PGT
81Ms.Sonia Sethi240067PGT
82Ms.Surbhi Mehta240140PGT
83Mr.Surinder Kumar240271PGT
84Mr.Vipin Kumar240328PTI
85Mr.Puneet Kapoort Special Educator
86Ms.Babita Vashisht240253Warden
87Ms.Lalita Devi240257Asst. Lib.
88Ms.Neha Jain Child Psychologist
89Mr.Nitin Kamboj240316Estate Off.
90Ms.Seema Chauhan101878Front Office
91Ms.Madhumeeta Massey240100Infarmary IC
92Mr.Ravinder240324Lab. Tech