Learning Infrastructure


‘Learning by Doing’ is the main principle of MMIS and that’s why the school focuses on providing the best of facilities required for gaining knowledge or skills through direct experience of carrying out tasks  under careful supervision of the teachers.

Discovery Chamber (Physics Lab)

The school has a well planned, spacious and fully-equipped Physics lab which is the playground for students to reinforce scientific and experimental concepts and sharpen their investigative skills. There are models, charts, apparatus, kits, and experimental gadgets to cater to the needs of the students. In the Physics lab, students are able to understand better the laws that govern certain phenomenon.

Hydroden (Chemistry Lab)

The Chemistry laboratory is designed in sync with global norms and safety standards. It has some of the most accurate digital measuring instruments required for measuring chemicals. The school’s Chemistry Lab reflects the vision to develop a scientific attitude in the students along with the ability to analyze, collate, compute, integrate and deduce. In the lab, the students learn to handle apparatus and chemicals. All this helps to improve their understanding of various chemical reactions and chemical processes and thus strengthens the logic and reasoning skills of the students.

Skeleden (Biology Lab)

The biology lab has been set up to facilitate the students in study of detailed structures, morphological, histological and physiological aspects of plants and animals. One can notice students studying slides under the microscopes or studying the museum specimens; such activities kindle in them a natural curiosity towards Nature and instills a joy of learning the flora & fauna in them. Such facilities help the children to explore, probe and experiment to find the truth behind the facts of life, to solve problems, to fend off madness and chaos that result out of ignorance and preconceived notions.

Robotics Lab

Marching in sync with digital technologies, MMIS has set up a Robotics Lab which is gaining recognition for its cutting edge research and study of artificial intelligence. This is schools’ humble contribution in training the students and creating awareness on how to design a robot or their own robotic models. Well-equipped with educational Robotic kits like bots, personal computers etc, this Robotics Lab has got many advanced electronic components including LEDs, sensors, IR detectors, touch sensors etc which prick the students’ curiosity and give them a good exposure of how to apply lateral thinking in creating real-life solutions.

Social Science Lab

A first of its kind, this Social Science Lab is an endeavour of MMIS to help the students in understanding the relations between the people and communities, social customs, welfares, reforms etc. So Social Science is no more a dragging or theoretical subject; this lab makes the subjects and many of its topics practical and much more exciting.

Mathematics Lab

Mathematics becomes fun at MMIS because the school uses modern techniques of teaching the subject; all thanks to this state-of-the-art Mathematics lab which has an interactive Smart Board and instruments like algebra kit, number kit, money kit, fractional kit, integer kit, decimal kit, abacus and clocks to make the concepts of Algebra and Arithmetic easy as well as fun to explore.

Communication Lab

MMIS also has a spacious and ultra -modern Communication Lab equippedwith both- the Language Lab software, ‘Wordsworth’ and Interactive Smart Board in its campus. Having a seating capacity of 40 students, the software-based Communication Lab provides a congenial atmosphere for learning communication skills through a variety of listening and speaking tasks. The idea is to help the students gain confidence in social interactions and public speaking.