Press Release

Labour Day

“Without labor, nothing prospers.” – Sophocles

Despite the havoc wrecked by COVID-19 pandemic, Nurses, Support Staff, Police Force, Janitors and Sanitary workers are working tirelessly to ensure that we all remain safe and sound in our homes. Labour Day is a reminder for us that they are the real heroes of our society because they are working on the frontline during this difficult time. MMIS, Mullana celebrated the 1st May as Labour Day to acknowledge and salute the painstaking efforts of the labour force.

A special virtual assembly was organised for the students which was designed to forge a better understanding of the labour community among the students who must learn to respect and appreciate their efforts. The other activities that marked the day were Thank you Card Making, Pictorial Composition, Role Play, Poster Making and Slogan Writing. The students enthusiastically participated in all the activities to express their gratitude to these unsung heroes.